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Words to keep
"Many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first." —Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 19:30)
English language
The use of prepositions is one of the most difficult aspects of English. For example, it may be hard to see why by can't be used in all of the following examples: "Did you go by bicycle, or on foot?" "My grandfather made this stool by hand. It's so light you can lift it with one finger." The best way to learn the use of prepositions is by studying lots of examples, and a very good way to do that is by concordancing with a computer. You can look up information about concordancing and even online concordancing software among the ELT links on this site.
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Q:  What country in Asia was known for more than 200 years as "The Hermit Kingdom"?
Yesterday's teaser
Q:  What does the expression "to have something in common" mean?
A:  It means "to be alike in some way".
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