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Words to keep
"Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character." —James Russell Lowell (Dryden)
Pop culture eternal
It seems that Hollywood movies emphasize action and special effects more than they did a generation ago. One researcher, Steven S. Wildman, has concluded that this trend is the result of many business decisions made by producers, who want their products to be popular all over the world. Action and special effects "travel" better than words or themes.
Toady's teaser for today /  Look tomorrow!
Q:  What actor plays a dual role, including the hero, in a 1930s mystery movie in which an inventor is murdered while demonstrating his television technology?
Yesterday's teaser
Q:  What do a four-leafed clover, a rabbit's foot, and a horseshoe have in common?
A:  All three are regarded as good-luck charms by some people.
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