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"I came, I saw, I conquered." —Julius Caesar
English language
In a sense, it's true that every car in Japan contains parts from Britain and America. Among the English words that are used for the parts of a car, one finds both UK English (bonnet) and US English (trunk). One also finds many English words coined in Japan, such as front glass, as well as handle for steering wheel.
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Q:  What's wrong with the following logic? "Since some languages have no articles (such as a/an and the), we know they're not essential to communication. Therefore it's not important to use articles in speaking or writing English."
Yesterday's teaser
Q:  What do the Hakata festival Dontaku and the Nagasaki delicacy kasutera have in common?
A:  Names taken from foreign languages during Japan's Edo Period: Dontaku from the Dutch zontag ("Sunday"); kasutera, from the Portuguese castella ("castle").
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