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Words to keep
"Who has seen the wind? / Neither you nor I: / But when the trees bow down their heads, / The wind is passing by. —Christina Georgina Rossetti (Who Has Seen the Wind?)
Our world, our story
The first time you try making pancakes, they may turn out like rubber. If so, you've stirred the batter too much. One of the tricks to making good pancakes is to stop stirring the batter when it still has many small lumps of flour in it. As a rule, it's best to start the process by mixing only the wet ingredients: eggs, milk, and oil. Then add sugar and baking powder and stir the mixture well, making sure you don't leave any noticable lumps of baking powder. Finally add flour and stir again. If you put the flour in before mixing the other things, it's hard to keep from stirring the batter too much.
Toady's teaser for today /  Look tomorrow!
Q:  What images appear in color to some people and in black-and-white to others, and are visible without light?
Yesterday's teaser
Q:  Why is it that most of the essential verbs in English are hard to learn?
A:  Because most of them are irregular. A few examples are go/went/gone, do/did/done, think/thought/thought, and sleep/slept/slept.
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Last chance!
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