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Words to keep
"One must not always think that feeling is everything. Art is nothing without form." —Gustave Flaubert
English language
The sentence "I was stolen my wallet" is incorrect. Here's how we can make it correct while keeping I and stolen: "I had my wallet stolen." Other ways to say the same thing are "My wallet was stolen" and "Somebody stole my wallet."
Toady's teaser for today /  Look tomorrow!
Q:  How can while be used as a noun? Give examples.
Yesterday's teaser
Q:  What institution of learning in Japan is sometimes referred to as "Happy Hill Girls' School" by its students?
A:  Fukuoka Jo Gakuin. It's a fairly literal translation. The institution, which includes a kindergarten, junior-senior high school, junior college, four-year college, and graduate school, takes its name from Fukuoka, the city where it's located.
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