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Words to keep
"The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat." —Lily Tomlin
English language
Look at this list of words: children than pictures books drawing easier for writing is. It's possible to make the following sentences, using each word once in each sentence: "Drawing pictures for children is easier than writing books. Drawing pictures is easier than writing books for children. Drawing pictures is easier for children than writing books." We can double the number of sentences by interchanging drawing pictures and writing books. That makes six sentences in all. Can you think of any other possibilities?
Toady's teaser for today /  Look tomorrow!
Q:  How has the nuance of the phrase hang out in American English changed since the late 20th century?
Yesterday's teaser
Q:  How are seashells used in the production of Hakata Dolls?
A:  To prepare the clay dolls for painting, the artisans crush seashells into a fine powder, mix the powder with glue, and apply this mixture as a foundation.
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