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"It is the fault of our rhetoric that we cannot strongly state one fact without seeming to belie some other." —Ralph Waldo Emerson (Essays)
Literature & arts
In Western film versions of the Arabian Nights tales, such as Aladdin, we often see a genie grant the main character three wishes. In most cases, the character then wastes one or two wishes by carelessly saying the words I wish. Actually, the original stories don't contain any scenes like that. The genies are slaves who obey all commands given to them by their masters, and there are no magic words that can cause things to happen accidentally. The wishing tradition is native to the folk tales of Northern Europe, and Westerners have transferred it to the Arabian Nights.
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Q:  What's the difference between the Mets and the Met? (Hint: Ask a New Yorker.)
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Q:  In old movies, why is the picture horizontally shorter than in most movies today?
A:  Because the short rectangle is the ideal shape for composing images. Movie producers in the early 1950s wanted to offer the public a kind of visual experience that wasn't available on television, so they made the movie screen wider.
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