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Words to keep
"Wit has truth in it; wisecracking is simply calisthenics with words." —Dorothy Parker
Kyushu & Japan
The city of Kitakyushu used to take pride in its "seven-colored smoke". The factory smoke that colored the air of that industrial metropolis during the 1960s was a symbol of rapid economic growth. Later, the city government recognized that the smoke also represented severe damage to the environment. With the cooperation of local industry, Kitakyushu began cleaning up its air and water while adding greenery to the urban landscape. The results were so dramatic that the city won an award for environmental improvement from the United Nations.
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Q:  What are the four "fearful things" in Japanese tradition?
Yesterday's teaser
Q:  At performances of Handel's Messiah, why is it customary to stand up for the Alleluia Chorus?
A:  Because the King of England did so at a performance in London in 1843. He was so moved by the music and the Biblical words that he felt compelled to stand. The whole audience followed his example.
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