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Toady's tidbits for today /
Don't skip breakfast! Start the day with some food for thought.

Words to keep
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." —Martin Luther King, Jr.

English language
The verb forms of the nouns imagination, combination, preparation, celebration, and decoration are imagine, combine, prepare, celebrate, and decorate, respectively.

Toady's teaser for today /
Look tomorrow!

Q:  What prepositions are needed in the following gaps? "Did you go [ 1 ] bicycle, or [ 2 ] foot?" "My grandfather made this stool [ 3 ] hand. It's so light you can lift it [ 4 ] one finger."

Yesterday's teaser
Q:  How does tap water in Japan differ from tap water in most of Asia and many other parts of the world?
A:  It's safe to drink. Many people prefer to filter it before drinking it, but it's basically drinkable as-is. When you visit Japan you don't need to bring water -- only money!
Toady's triathlon for today / Here are three quick exercises to get you going!
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