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Words to keep
"Who has seen the wind? / Neither you nor I: / But when the trees bow down their heads, / The wind is passing by. —Christina Georgina Rossetti (Who Has Seen the Wind?)

Pop culture eternal
You've probably noticed that in old movies the picture is horizontally shorter than in most of today's movies. Artists have found that the short rectangle is the ideal shape for composing images. Hollywood's adoption of the wide screen in the early 1950s was not an artistic choice or a technological breakthrough, but a business strategy. At that time, the film industry was struggling to compete with a very popular new medium of entertainment: television. Movie producers wanted to offer the public a kind of visual experience that wasn't available on television, so they made the movie screen wider. Now TV sets have wide screens to fit the wide movie format. However, the great director Fritz Lang called it "a formula for a funeral, or for snakes, but not for human beings".

Toady's teaser for today /
Look tomorrow!

Q:  Why are the hosts of radio music programs called DJs?

Yesterday's teaser
Q:  What images appear in color to some people and in black-and-white to others, and are visible without light?
A:  Dreams. When participants in sleep experiments are interviewed about their dreams, some report dreaming in color and others in black-and-white.
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