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Don't skip breakfast! Start the day with some food for thought.

Words to keep
"Water, water, everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink." —Samuel Taylor Coleridge (The Ancient Mariner)

Our world, our story
The Grand Canyon, in the US state of Arizona, may escape your notice till you're within a few dozen meters of it. Enormous though it is, this geological feature is truly a hole in the ground. Unlike other landmarks of the American Southwest such as the colorful hills of the Painted Desert or the distinctive rock Mittens of Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon is out of sight from more than a short distance. Once there, you may enjoy riding a mule down into the canyon or just watching the moon rise above it. You can get an idea of the place without seeing it by listening to Grofé's Grand Canyon Suite. As for those Mittens, you can see them in many Hollywood Westerns, such as Stagecoach.

Toady's teaser for today /
Look tomorrow!

Q:  According to legend, what city was originally called Troia Nova ("New Troy") and was founded by descendants of Trojan exiles?

Yesterday's teaser
Q:  What are the verb forms of the nouns imagination, combination, preparation, celebration, and decoration?
A:  Imagine, combine, prepare, celebrate, and decorate, respectively.
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