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Words to keep
"Although human life is priceless, we always act as if something else had an even greater price than life ... But what is that something?" —Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Vol de Nuit)

Pop culture eternal
A researcher in the United States monitored a group of consumers to find out how much they were influenced by television commercials. The project involved the cooperation of 250 volunteers and a local supermarket. Using electronic devices, the researcher tracked the commercials the volunteers saw and the purchases they made at the supermarket. As it turned out, the consumers' choice of products was affected far less by commercials than by discounts at the store.

Toady's teaser for today /
Look tomorrow!

Q:  In old movies, why is the picture horizontally shorter than in most movies today?

Yesterday's teaser
Q:  The first time you try making pancakes, they may turn out like rubber. If so, what mistake have you made?
A:  You've stirred the batter too much. One of the tricks to making good pancakes is to stop stirring the batter when it still has many small lumps of flour in it.
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